Andrea Koziol

The Details

Andrea Koziol really likes to sing. .. .. Her first musical endeavors were grounded in the jazz world, after she met and began collaborating with composer and pianist Bill Brennan. Together they founded the original quartet Chesterfield Inlet, who released their debut CD ‘Mario Russell’ to rave reviews from the Canadian jazz community. .. .. Since that time Andrea Koziol’s music has morphed into something decidedly more informed by R&B and folk traditions…but that early jazz foundation never really disappeared. She has gone on to produce another four solo records, “Coming of Age”, “Simple”, “Mission:Bliss” and “Songs”. …. “Halfway Sweet” her 5th CD of songs written on the ukulele arrived on June 15th, 2010. ..Half Way Sweet Invite.. …. In her spare time, Andrea is also working on a 6th recording project of long distance musical conversations between herself and 5 producers from around the world. Whew!! .. .. She has joyfully toured the Canadian Folk and Jazz Festival circuit and crossed Canada many times both as bandleader and sideman. Refreshingly, in this age of auto tune, she remains unafraid of taking chances on stage. Her voice is her secret weapon, her songs will make you feel something, and her shows are electric. .. .. But more important than all of this, Andrea Koziol really likes to sing!