Blackberry Wood

The Details

Blackberry Wood is a wonderful, secret and Magic combination of original old style country/ragtime/Circus/Gypsy music, up to date party grooves such as exotic Worldbeats/hipnotic HipHop/upjumpin’ Ska, and other irresistible body shakin’ / foot shuffling stuff.

It all started when a friend asked Kris and Corinne if they would Play a New Years Gig, four days before New Years Eve. In a frenzy– Kris and Corinne whipped together their strangest mix of original material—and it was a hit! Needless to say they where invited back for the next New Years Party. After a few more gigs, and Kris churning out a huge batch of sweet songs, they decided to invite more musicians into the swamp stompin’ Blackberry Woods. Muahahahaha….

First to come stumbling down the hill and waltzing in, came a slightly intoxicated and very crazy drummer—Amrit. Not far behind Amrit was the Dreamy—Katheryn squeezing magic from the accordion. Then, straight out of the Blue Sky, fell—DeLisa, and Jack blasting away on their shiny brass Trumpets. Next, floating down the river that runs through the Blackberry Woods, on his Acoustic bass, came—Michael!
And oh! There’s also—Jenn adding her percussive golden touches that shake up the woods! Now, with—Corinne playing Saxophone, and singing like a nightingale, and with—Kris on Guitar, singing with his raspy half Country half Rap/Hip-Hop heart out, this little Orchestra conjures up some of the most wondrous music for the whole world to enjoy!

Photo credits: Art from Blackberry Wood’s album “Travelling Horse Opry, by the awe-insiring abd amazing Jordan bent!!!