Boogie Patrol

The Details

Boogie Patrol is a Blues, Funk, Soul band from Edmonton, Alberta. After creating a serious buzz on the lips of Edmontonians in the know, these diverse musicians entered the studio to record their debut album ‘Groove On or Bug Out.’ Showcasing the talent of Alberta’s own “Rotten” Dan on harmonica and vocals, Nigel “The Duke” Gale on bass and Japan’s-Loss-Is-Alberta’s-Gain Yuji Ihara on guitar, Boogie Patrol brings funk back to its roots and leads to you a place of good lovin’. With Sean “Keys” Grieve on keyboards, Boogie Patrol combine jaw-dropping guitar, keys & harmonica solos with a rhythm section that you can’t help but move ‘n’ groove to. These boys stay true to their name and take letting loose to a whole new level.

Who ARE The Boogie Patrol Anyways?! On guitar is Yuji Ihara, who hails from Osaka, Japan but has been a long-standing professional Blues player here Alberta. On bass is Nigel “The Duke” Gale, who has played with a wide range of styles and genres which provided him with the talent to adapt to Boogie Patrol’s spontaneous live show. At the forefront is a young prodigy entertainer with crazy skills on the harp, “Rotten” Dan. Sean “Keys” Grieve on the keyboards brings a whole new level of energy to the band with talent as mad as his solos.