Brodie Dawson

The Details

It’s her voice that jumps out at you… Brodie makes a clear, direct hit and seduces you with a bit of smoky overtone. Her refreshingly peaceful and sensual personality pours out and lathers the soul with the mood of each song, leaving a clean finish and plenty of imagination for those who appreciate a heartfelt songwriter’s work… she has re-invented and confirmed that the days of the confessional singer are far from over!

Brodie calls her style a mix of soulful ‘folky’ blues with a gospel flair, a twist of pop and a twang of old-school country. True to all those genres she sings of life, love, searching and finding your way. Her vocals are strong, confident and soothing to listen to. Her words can almost be tasted as her stories make their way across your palette served up hot, smooth and rich on her own plate of originality. She’ll catch you at the door as the first notes of her voice seem to wrap you in a warm cloak made of sweet, earthy moodiness.

Emerging from a rich spell of musical hibernation, she’s finally released her long awaited debut cd ‘The Lost Tapes’ this summer, and is in full form, ready to knock your socks off and leave you wanting more!