Current Swell

The Details

“If this is our time, why don’t we take it?”, singerScott Stanton implores on Current Swell’s last album, ‘Buffalo’.

Before a pandemic burned stages to the ground this might have been the case, as the world turned to music to remind themselves to bring soul, reflection, excitement, and more back into a society overworked and underplayed. Flash forward a couple of years – things are upside down– but stages are being rebuilt and time is all that stands between music aficionados world wide and the live shows that breathe life back into their moments.And it’s as if these moments were made just for Current Swell, a band built to play live.

For over a decade, mixing their love of song writing with the need to explode onto stages, throwing down relentlessly and performing like few others can, the band performed all over the world – tours inBrazil to rabid audiences, Australian festival encores, sprawling US tours, roaring theatres, packed Canadian winter shows – all for the love of live… raucous energetic live.Early anthems like ‘Comin’ Home’ and ‘Trust Us Now’ set the stage for what fans could expect from a Current Swell performance and anthemic favourites like ‘Long Time Ago’, ‘Young andAble’, and ‘I Want a Bird’ became fixtures of a band that had more to give than just one set of pounding indie rock songs. This was more about going to the church of Rock ‘n’ Roll and sweating it out with a thousand others that needed that cathartic feeling of musical release.

Hearing ‘When To Talk and When To Listen’ and ‘It Ain’t Right’ and being there in the moment, drenched, surrounded by friends and those who felt the calling as well, those were the moments that brought fans back over and over.And now, coming out the other side, suddenly we remember those moments of pounding music coursing through our souls, the rise and fall of the journey, the moments. And finally, ambassadors of live music, Current Swell, can get back to what they do best – energizing the heart and soul – and bringing down the house