Daniel Wesley

The Details

If making music isn’t about having fun, what’s the point in doing it? That philosophy sums up Daniel Wesley’s new album, I Am Your Man, the 33-year-old Vancouver-based singer/songwriter’s seventh studio offering. As he nears the end of his career’s first decade, what comes across most vividly on the record – as longtime fans will surely note – is the balance Wesley has found in his life both on and off stage.

In terms of his songwriting, Wesley recognizes the role this phase of his life is playing in his artistic evolution, something he expects will continue for the foreseeable future, especially now that he is in full control of all aspects of his career.
“I don’t feel as if I’ve repeated anything I’ve done in the past on this new record, and that’s really invigorating. Everything about this album seemed completely unforced, and in the end that made it come out better than I could have expected.”