Des Larson

The Details

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Des Larson has a big city heart and small town soul. Pop vocals with a west coast edge. Comparable to artists Michael Buble, JT and Dave Mathews Band. His unique style reflects West coast lifestyle with urban appeal. Des always captures the perfect moment with straight-to-the-heart vocals, soulful falsetto and mesmerizing guitar work.

Larson, 23, has grown to capture and engage his audience. “That’s why I make music, to make people feel something, to create moments,” explains Larson. “It was at church that I learned the power of music. I guess it could be called a power of manipulation – it can make people feel things. For example, the preacher, he was eloquent and all, however, until his piano organ struck chord, that is when his words would truly move me.”

Des is in process of completing his latest songs Sober Love, Amber Light, and Mother Lovin’, recorded at Bryan Adams, Warehouse studios with producer and engineer Jamey Koch. Des’s music is handled, undoubtedly by those of a reputable career. Mentor Phil Comparelli quotes. “He’s got the looks, sound and the talent. He’s unstoppable, a runaway train!”

Des will be joined on stage with:

First Set
  • Blaine Dunaway – Violin
  • Mark Holley – percussion
Second Set
  • Lenny Parkin – Guitar
  • Keelan Gamble – Drums
  • Jordi Hillberry – bass