Head of the Herd

The Details

The art of telling stories, of expressing emotion, of speaking with rhythm and register, has been a need of humanity since the very beginning. Without storytelling we have silence. Head of the Herd is opposite that silence – the music and sound of our lives.

NEU-A multi-instrumentalist with a chilling voice, Neu’s sound paradoxically warms the soul and pulls you into the story. He is energetic and passionate, and through Head of the Herd’s distinct lyrics, you can feel his emotion in every song. Neu takes the structure of traditional blues and adds a modern flavour; Rock sensibility, haunting vocals and, now and again, a throat splitting scream.

CLAY-First and foremost a ‘wordsman’, Clay couples lyricism with an innate ability to write boot stomping, bar shaking guitar riffs that make him a dynamic and accomplished songwriter. If Head of the Herd is a musical storm then Clay is the silent lightning bolt to Neu’s screaming thunder. You will hear his smooth yet gravel coated throat singing balancing out Neu’s possessed wail.