Los Rastrillos

The Details

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Mexico City has been skanking to the cool- mestizo-reggae rhythms of the Rastrillos since 1988, grooving to their joys and pains, following their musical quest for basic human values—friendship, respect, love, communication, teamwork as well as individual effort—and for the group’s growth.

Los Rastrillos’ songs talk about all they have experienced during this long voyage guided by the four winds. They have shared the stage with internationally renowned groups, and with the best the Mexican musical scene has to offer, infusing their compositions with every kind of musical influence, but never compromising their unique sound, identity and roots. They use reggae as a route to self-awareness.

Los Rastrillos is more than just a band: it is a vessel for the fusion of multiple artistic disciplines in a kind of open workshop that functions thanks to the participation of many talented creators. These contributions have enriched the collective project, which has allowed Los Rastrillos to create a genuine and constantly evolving sound.