Luke Blu Guthrie

The Details

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The Luke Blu Guthrie Band is an Independent Rhythm and Blues group that electrifies audiences. Consisting of Elizabeth Penney and Luke Blu Guthrie, the band can be counted on for a powerful, deeply soulful performance that vibrates the stage with songs that echo the holler and blues of LBG’s southern slave descendants. With themes that explore a variety of timeless issues, the LBG Band explores the dark underbelly of human nature and confronts the joy, mystery and confusion of love and loss. Liz and LBG produce a large sound that is built on slide guitar, harmonica, strong vocals, upbeat bass lines and the inter­play of a truly unique tap dancing/foot percussion setup. Armed with acoustic & electric guitars, assorted foot percussion and plenty of rhythmic slaps and yowls, Guthrie has lived and worked in the Western Canadian music scene for over fifteen years.