Raygun Cowboys and The Anti-Queens

The Details

From the press gallery:

“To say the Raygun Cowboys have had quite the career would be an understatement. After being on the scene for 15 years, putting out numerous records, losing and adding members, touring relentlessly, it seems things are only just beginning for the Edmonton rockabilly vets.” –Beatroute

“…a rollicking ass-kicker of an album, rocking confidently from roots-rockabilly to punk to blues then old-school country.” – Vue Mag

“One of Canada`s most iconic Rockabilly bands” – CHLY 101.7

“Surely there isn’t another band in Canada with a sound quite like the Raygun Cowboys. From one track to another, leisurely-paced rockabilly becomes lightning-speed psychobilly with a dash of brass thrown into the mix for good measure….this album proves without a doubt that the Raygun Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with” – Vue Weekly


The Anti-Queens are:
Emily Bones – Lead vocals / Guitar
Valerie Knox – Lead guitar / Vocals
Zoe McMillan – Drums

“the band brought the energy and rallied the assemblage with thirty minutes of blistering garage punk fit for any early ’90s college basement show.”
 – Razorcake

Their high energy and fun performance is not to be missed” – Canadian Beats

One of my favorite revelations was the Anti-Queens, a 4 piece all girl band from Toronto. They were a throwback to the golden days of pop punk, reminding me of fellow Canadians Liveonrelease. I always appreciate a band who you can tell is really having fun on stage.” – Montreal Rocks