St Paddies Day Disco and Funk Fiasco

The Details

Bu VonBlume is funk. Bu VonBlume is disco. Bu VonBlume might see you falling down from laughter….or maybe from exhaustion…Bu VonBlume is the space between the bass lines, the ‘get ups’ between the ‘get downs’, the ‘fun’ in the funk, the Bu in the boogie. Bu VonBlume is what happens when a bunch of Cumberland friends see a need for dance, good dance, strong dance, and flavourful dance. Bu VonBlume is a baby of the 70s, with piercing original horn hooks, downright dangerous bass lines and stage antics that seem strait outta Broadway. Expect audience participation and original songs saturated in groove and bravado where no genre is spared. 

Aliso Rojo (UK) is a world music DJ who believes in music as a cultural experience and a vehicle of tradition. He nurtured his musical skills in the underground scenes of Bristol, London and Berlin, and is now dedicated to representing the diverse sounds of traditional cultures where he has lived and worked. Oriented to a foundation of reggae and soul, he plays music from Afro-Latin and Brazilian traditions, and dance music from the global underground that re-imagines these traditional influences.