Sunday Brunch w Sofielle Watt & Huckleberry Jim

The Details

Sofiella Watt and is an independent folkstress hailing from East Coast Australia. She is a self taught guitarist and banjo plucker, songwriter, bread baker, vagrant, and washboard enthusiast.

She collaborated briefly with other like-minded vagrants Lara Amos and Michael Brown, to record her first EP in 2010 turning her raw and quirky solo sound into something a little bit bigger. After playing festivals such as Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival, and Wingham Akoostik; Sofiella launched off to Europe in search of more stories. She returned to complete a second EP “To Friends Of The North Wind” in June last year.

As soon as recording was finished Sofiella hit the road with her musical pirate man, Jimmy Maher, and so was born Sofiella Watt and Huckleberry Jim. The two embarked on a house concert tour that stretched over 4 states, 2 and a half months and 20 shows, from Melbourne to Darwin. This time spent lugging their guitars, banjo, washboard and a car full of camping gear across the country led the duo to many charming backyards, bars, lounge rooms and rooftops, where they always seemed to serenade the sweetest folks.

Sofiella Watt and Huckleberry Jim weave original tales about pirates, gypsies and beards, love, murder and missing home. They will be wooing crowds across the West Coast this summer with their winsome charm and down-home brand of folka-billy-blues.