The Details

Swami (‘So Who AM I?’) is the 21st century hybrid sound of displaced souls… Blending their British-Indian bhangra roots with a healthy upbringing of alternative electronic club mayhem laced with bi-lyrical hip-pop conversation unlike any other…Call it whatever you want, but prepare to DesiRock…Award-winning producer Diamond ‘Swami’ Duggal started the group Swami with drummer and brother Simon ‘Subs’ Duggal, vocalist Taz Singh and Indian percussionist Kam Bura in 1997. The band performed a number of European shows before releasing their debut cult album Desi Nu Skool Beatz (1999). The album brought together a new open-mindedness of influences from the Indian sub-continent and the alternative, electronic club mayhem of the west unlike any predecessor. The new hybrid sound of “Desi Beats’ was born and the guitar surfing electronic title track ‘Mehbooba’ went on to feature in the Olsen Twins Warner Brothers movie ‘New York Minute’ (2003). Constantly pushing the boundaries of international music, Swami’s follow-up album So Who AM I? (2005) scaled new heights of mind-altering musical richness. The title track DesiRock embraced clubs the world over with DJ Swami’s unique leftfield electronic beats and anthemic bhangra melodies and reached even wider audiences in the EA Games FIFA World Cup 2006 video game as well as the UK movie ‘Mischief Night’ (2006). The release of EQUALIZE (2007) ventured way beyond Swami’s London studios with a new found excitement of globe hopping melodies, crossing rhythms and languages unlike any predecessor. With their core trademark electronic bhangra sound, EQUALIZE went much further afield interacting with the parallels of North African hip-hop of France, the Zulu Rn’B of South Africa, the black soul and rap of east coast USA, as well as the sounds of their London via Delhi DJ hybrid electronic mixing…. The result was a unique commercial edged pop record with the lead track Hey Hey bringing a heavy-hitting unstoppable funky electronic desi dancefloor groove…Now, for 2010, Swami bring together their eclectic musical journey so far with a collection of their most popular songs alongside two brand new songs simply entitled 53431. With a touring line-up featuring Diamond on guitars, keys, vocoder and decks, vocalists Sups, S-Endz and Liana, Pravin on drums, Bobby P on dhol and Az on bass, be prepared for some energy-driven live shows across the globe…With the futuristic music video for the 53431 lead track Electro Jugni already chalking up half a million plays online in just a few weeks and an alternate English video entitled She’s Mine hitting screens soon, the futuristic space journey of Swami’s 53431 is here…