The Unknown Soldiers

The Details

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The Unknown Soldiers after The Doors most political song. The Unknown Soldiers come amazingly close to replicating The Doors music note for note, but more importantly they capture the raw energy through each band member’s interpretation. By combining these elements they deliver a groovy reproduction of a live Doors show, keeping the audience in a head-bobbing, toe- tapping trance.

The Unknown Soldiers blend The Doors live recordings and also their masterful studio efforts, creating a musical alchemy that is second to none for experiencing, and of course, celebrating The Doors musical legacy LIVE.

Although it is hard to replicate the eccentric unpredictability that was Jim Morrison, the lead singer’s Morrisonesque look, vibe & baritone voice, supported with swirling organ instrumentals and the band’s musical prowess, strive to captivate and transcend time and place. This frees up the audience to be transported back in time, experiencing the taste of a live Doors show.