Winter Solstice Annual Celebration

The Details

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Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with The Mythmakers, Reverend Heathen Strangefellow & The Vaudeville Vagabonds, Cathy Stoyko, em.ash, Mt. Eliah and more!

As showcased at Atmosphere Gathering 2015, “Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow and the VaudeVille Vagabonds” are a musical & theatrical cabaret extravaganza! “VVV” are a neo Victorian vaudeville steampunk circus band.

When live music, contortion, sword swallowing, circus aerials, clowns, exotic belly dancers, mythic and wondrous freaks beyond description are all woven within a story  the audience is clearly transformed.

Musically inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, Beats Antique, Gogol Bordello, Caravan Palace and Mr. Bungle. VVV shows are akin to a gritty grass roots Cirque du Soleil in the form of a gypsy/rock band. Musically consisting of: standup bass, baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, accordion, drums, electro manipulations and vocals.

With additional music and dance collaborations directed by  Cathy Stoyko, this event promises an inspirational evening for everyone. This a licensed, all ages event. em.ash will be helping us warm the room and following the performances, Mt. Eliah will drive the dancefloor to help us play our part in ‘bringing back the light’.