The Details

Zandhunga A multi-national phenomenon, Zandhunga is the seed that sprouted West Coast Canada’s premiere Latin Dance ensemble, Luzna Orchestra. Specializing in flavour-intensive, dance-demanding Salsa, Cumbia, and other Latino styles, Zandhunga is a versatile and far-reaching collective uniting musicians and dancers hailing from Vancouver Island, Canada, Mexico City and Xalapa, Mexico. With searing-hot sax solos, fleshed out by heart-felt and richly exotic vocals over a bed of Afro-Latin rhythms, montunos and tumbaos, Zandhunga delivers fiesta. Cuban bata drums, congas, cowbells, fretless bass and piano are employed in this authentically Latin rhythm section whose purpose is purely to propel bodies to move on the dance floor. Past performances include headlining Mexico’s Jazz festival in Mazunte, and the CV Latin-Caribbean Festival as well as numerous sold-out nights in Joe’s Garage, Canada. In addition to presenting original material, Zandhunga’s performances tribute great legends of Latin music such as, Celia Cruz and the Fania All-Stars, Ismael Rivera, Willie Colon and many others.