Compassion Gorilla

The Details
This worldbeat powerhouse will liberate feet and catapult audiences into a whole-hearted dance entrancement. Infused with elements of Latin, African, and Balkan music, Compassion Gorilla combines tight, eclectic instrumental arrangements with songs and story telling. The result is a very engaging show that leaves the audience wanting more.

The band’s recent travels have taken them to festival stages across western Canada, including highlights at the Victoria International Jazz Festival, Starbelly Jam, Robson Valley Music Festival, Bella Coola Music Festival, Campbell Bay Music Festival, and Kispiox Valley Music Festival.  They also spent a long stretch of 2013 touring in Mexico, playing over 50 shows in 4 months and coming home with a new album under their belts. “Colibrís en Vuelo” features songs written and arranged on this journey.


Daniel Cryderman – trombone, vocals
Ian Daykin – violin, trumpet, vocals
Chris Fretwell – charango, guitar, vocals
Dan Beer – drums
Brendan McGuigan – bass

What people are saying

“Compassion Gorilla instantly engaged the crowd with their unique high-energy style and positive message!””
– Adam Iredale-Gray, Artistic Director, Campbell Bay Music Festival

“Brilliantly formulated to be poetic and thought-provoking.”
– Ally B, Frontlines Press

“Truly electrifying experience, not to be missed!”

– Ministry of Casual Living Artist-Run Centre