Harpoonist & Co

The Details


You ought to meet Harpoonist. Known to family, friends and hardcore fans as Shawn Hall. A harpoon/harmonica/harp virtuoso with a couple of decades in the hardcore, blues-based rock and roll trenches. D’you remember The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Shawn’s duo with Matt Rogers for 17 blistering years at festivals and concert halls and clubs large and small, grungy and almost clean?

Well, Hall’s turned a new leaf.  Harpoonist — Hall’s non-de-plume and the name of the band — is something else again. New songs. New record. New gritty, tough-assed swamp music with edge and off-the-wall lyrics. d People” The made-in-Texas record is titled “Did We Come Here to Dance.” Due in February on Tonic Records label and on all the streaming services.

Oh, and you almost certainly will dance. Promise.