Kyprios and the Chaperones

The Details

Timmy Boom Bap starts in on the toms and the sound of elephants, busting through the jungle after a pack of wild Rhino’s, begins. Tucks digs his bass deep into that bombastic drum trench and lets spiders run up and down the neck of his bass rebirthing the low end theory every night. Baker lets Fred Astaire dance through his fingers, turning the ebony and ivory keys into a dance floor. Lex blows up the spot with his sax like the saints of New Orleans might lead a conga circle around the dance floor paying reverence to the beast of wind himself. The Doctor is a pugilist on the guitar and equally as gifted vocally, each tone painted like a renaissance portrait in tie dye to amuse Jimi. Kyprios, front man with the lightning in his larynx, has been around and now The Chaperones take him to places he had never been before. Come down and make the dance floor bleed…

With special guest Tonye Aganaba, who is a sultry singer-songwriter born in London, England and raised in Northern Canada. Now based in Vancouver B.C., she has lent her voice to a collection of recordings spanning multiple genres of music such as Electro-House, Dubstep, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B.