The Details

Roots-reggae singer Mishka grew up at sea, traveling from island to island in the West Indies on his Canadian parents’ sailboat, where he received most of his education and listened to whatever music he could. When his parents returned to Canada, he completed school and returned to the Caribbean, eventually becoming a competitive windsurfer and taking up songwriting in the meantime. Fast forward to now and you see a romantically simple story: a man spreading a humble message of love and light through his music.

After being signed to Matthew McConaughey’s j.k. livin’ label in 2006- which subsequently stepped up the spotlight significantly- Mishka toured alongside the likes of Xavier Rudd and Birds of Wales throughout North America, including at the 2009 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. He has also made numerous television appearances including Rachael Ray and Carson Daly.

Chilled out reggae music is something that Mishka is familiar with, does well, and is known for. All of that holds true for his latest album, ‘Talk About’ (a top seller), but with the addition of one more element: pop music that brings the tempo up. That’s right, we said move yo’ bod-ay. Mishka has written a batch of new songs for this album that contain some of his best to date and features a guest appearance by Willie Nelson in the track “Homegrown’. After already receiving consistent major critical praise for his work, he manages to again wow the music world with socially conscious lyrics layered with seductive vocals, and hypnotic reggae grooves

Bring your hugs, bring your smiles, bring your mind and, of course, bring the love.