The Details

Nickodemus’ sound is like a traveling circus that gets everyone dancing. It will stop off in India, the Balkans, the Middle East, Spain, North, South, East & West Africa, over to Brazil, Colombia, the Caribbean, up to New Orleans & of course his native hometown, Brooklyn NYC!

From his early days DJ’ing at Giant Step parties, to his current party Turntables on the Hudson, (which has been running for over 11 years), Nickodemus always keeps a positive & strong element of funky dance grooves that intersect the new & the old, the urban & the countryside!

He has two albums & remix albums called “Engangered Species” and “Sun People” as well as seven Turntables on the Hudson compilations to date. His highlight songs which can be found on 100’s of compilations & several movies, TV shows (Sex in the City, Dancing With the Stars) & commercials (iTUNES, Revlon, Heineken, Michelobe) include “Cleopatra in New York,” “Mariposa,” “Funky in the Middle,” and “Mi Swing es Tropical.” Remixes for Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Bebel Gilberto, Sultan Khan, Omar Farul Tekbilek, Thievery Corporation & many more exemplify the wide range of music Nickodemus encompasses.