The Details

Clone the Ramones

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NoMeansNo  will be performing The Ramones album It’s Alive from front to back!

The genesis of NoMeansNo occurred in 1976, when brothers John and Rob Wright found themselves in attendance at a Ramones concert in Boulder, Colorado. Their father, Raul, was a lighting tech for a traveling musical troupe that happened to be sharing the stage with the up and coming New York quartet. Though no one realized it until years later, future collaborator and co-conspirator Jello Biafra was also in attendance at that monumental event, as well as Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, a fellow named “Rhino” from Hygiene, CO, and the embattled Tommy Bolin. Rob and John left that event, ears ringing and ideas brewing.

NOMEANSNO formed in the heady days of late 70′s punk. Rob Wright, then a dishwasher at a campus cafeteria, witnessed an early performance by DOA. With a burst of inspiration, he formed a duo with his brother, John. In the early 80¹s, after adding a guitar player, NOMEANSNO began to tour in earnest, captivating audiences with their live performances.

NOMEANSNO define post-modernist hardcore. In a word (or several), they are intelligent, articulate, studied, thoughtful, violent, passionate, intense, and playful. Acclaimed by peers and adored by fans, this musically adept trio has consistently thrilled sweaty crowds around the world. The band is a punk rock success story, albeit on their own terms, well hidden beneath the radar of the music industry.

With American Supine. A three-piece indie/folk/punk band from Comox, Canada. American Supine is: Madison Mayhew on bass/vocals, Gemma Goletski on drums, Lewis Wilson on guitar.

With The Abbie Hoffman Society. The Abbie Hoffman Society is a punk rock basement lady-band hailing from Powell River, BC.  The Hoffmans formed in 2010 with the intention of having fun being creative on Monday nights, two years later the Hoffmans are going strong, with five members, original material and a tour on the horizon.  As the name implies, the band reveres the legacy of activist Abbie Hoffman.  While not a politically driven band, the Hoffmans believe in working outside the mainstream, functioning on the cheap, and being active community members.  The Abbie Hoffman Society delivers a high energy punk rock show that legendary band NOMEANSNO say is “NOT BAD”!!!.