Shane Philip

The Details

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An intrepid explorer, Shane Philip has discovered a style of music without borders.

And, although he loosely refers to his style as west coast island rhythms, it is by no means isolated in a sea of genres. The self-taught musician plays seven instruments – usually at the same time, including the Australian didgeridoo, African djembe and Hawaiian Weissenborn guitar.

The result is, to say the least, a global fusion. “I have no limitations and that’s what keeps it really exciting for me.” Sometimes described as a mixture between folk, reggae and even electronica, the solo artist’s music is, impossible to pigeonhole. “I have a collaboration of global fusion, if you will, within my set and with the gear I use,” he said.

Philip’s music captures the spirit of his culturally and artistically diverse style and when played live has the power to possess, with which he himself is so taken.

“When people are moving I can watch them and they influence me to make certain sounds by the way they are moving. It’s like a dance we’re doing back and forth,” he said. “There’s a bonding, a sharing of energy back and forth that words can’t explain.”

This year, Shane is well on his way to releasing a new album and those who attend his show can look forward to hearing some of the unreleased tracks. Shane is also having a blast with his GoPro camera (he’s filmed and edited well over 200 videos in 9 months). Click here to check out some of what he has been up to.

Special guests: Corwin Fox, Lisa Snow, Lori Miller and Gillian Brooks