The Show Devils

The Details

Thats right, hold tight.  MORE FREAKS!  THE WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS TOURING SHOW, SHOWDEVILS WILL FOLLOW UP THEIR 2009 WORLD WIDE TOUR WITH A NATIONAL HEADLINING CLUB TOUR EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO THE U.S and Canada! This Globally Renowned Grand Poobah of Stunt Shows unrolls the 1920’s glory of circus with an intense mix of traditional routines and modern performances like the beautiful Serana Rose the Electric Girl, Neon Swallowing, Glass Eating, the Tattooed Puzzle Man from the X-files “The Enigma”, the Hot and Sexy Fire Eater, Neon Swallowing, Running Chainsaws while Blindfolded, Spikes Hammered into the Head, beatings with blades, Pin-filled Puncushions, and much, much more.
You’ve been witnessing these performers as a group and individually on the largest rock festival tours in the US, Europe, Australia, etc. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2 years), Lollapalooza TOUR (with Ministry, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.), VAN’S WARPED TOUR, Nine Inch Nails (with MARILYN MANSON), Melbourne Fringe Festival, Roskilde, Pink Pop, Ghent Festival etc.  You might have also seen them on TV shows like “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, The Discovery Channel, The X-files, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The Learning Channel, Guinness Book of World Records, The Fox News Channel, CNN, Animated on SouthPark, and much more. The Founding/Creating and Musical Enterprises of SHOWDEVILS involved traveling the seven seas to bring you the odd and unusual. If it doesn’t exist anymore, we’ll reproduce it! SHOWDEVILS will put you in a dream-like surrealist world perceived as timeless.  Always offering a vast cornucopia of things to see, savor and remember. We are taking the dreams from P.T. Barnum and our artistic vision is heavily influenced by a smorgasbord of artists & inspirations such as:  ROB ZOMBIE, BAUHAUS, GWAR, Gogol Bordelo, TOM WAITS, Rocky Horror Picture Show, THE HBO SERIES CARNIVALE, Screaming J Hawkins, Haunted Houses and Amusement Parks, THE MUSIC BUSINESS, Old Time Vaudeville, and much more.