Zhambai Trio & Zimbamoto

The Details

“zhambai” (Shona) – to scream

Zhambai Trio plays traditional and original music from Zimbabwe and features ancient instruments such as the mbira (“thumb piano”), hosho (maracas), and ngoma (hand drums) as well as the more contemporary Zimbabwean marimba. The haunting yet uplifting sound of the mbira rhythms and interlocking melodies combined with the lilting quality of the vocal harmonies are at once stimulating and relaxing. The sound is reminiscent of water dropping, spirits talking, ancestors singing and blood pumping. Listen with open ears and you’ll find time becomes elastic as you get lost in this magical music. As a trio, these multi-faceted musicians bring a message of joy and healing to themselves and the listener.

Zimbamoto plays high-energy modern African music guaranteed to get you moving! Led by master marimba and mbira player Kurai Mubaiwa, Zimbamoto lays down mesmerizing and energetic grooves for your listening dancing pleasure. Our irresistible live sound instantly whips audiences into motion with a mix of traditional and contemporary African rhythms and vocal chants. Bring your dancing shoes… it’s impossible to stay in your seat!